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Our Mission



The creator of good health and happiness

Legacy × Science x Optimism – These are the core value of Enpress research philosophy empowered by the loving care from mothers. With science base research and innovative technology, Enpress finally found the source to boost our everyday health and continue to pass on to the next generation.


Start from heart / Love with care

It’s the passion Enpress would like to pass on – just like mothers’ unconditional love for their children. It is our mission to deliver the message that good health is the essential foundation of our lives. Our priority is to help people lead healthier lives.


Start from daily care / Good health starts from Enpress

It is Enpress’s belief to make the concept of daily care part of everyday lives. We believe good health is the base of happy lives.


Support with love / Care with Heart

Safe — Natural resource.High quality.Reliable production process
Trust — Science base.Science base.All age groups health supplements
Satisfy — Innovation patent.International certification.Experts recommendation


Founded in 2017, ENPRESS Biotechnology Co., LTD views itself with mission to bring better quality of life to human being – a belief inherited from its parent company, ENG CITY PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANY LTD which was founded in 1979. From the first experiment to brand building, Enpress always takes offering the natural and high standard quality supplements as the first priority. With continuous efforts, Enpress aims to provide a solution that leads to everyday health.

With innovative technology and exclusive patent preservation technique, Enpress focuses on healthcare products research and production in order to layout a more comprehensive healthcare solution.



ENGCITY PHARMACEUTICAL was founded and started to focus on the development between human body and health.



Equipped with innovative research technique, ENGCITY was qualified to provide high quality medicine to large scale medical centers in Taiwan.



With commencement of cross country biotechnology research, ENGCITY started to develop dietary supplements field.

Clinical Study


The research was published in “British Journal of Nutrition” – a leading international peer-reviewed journal covering research on human and clinical nutrition.



ENPRESS Biotechnology aims to provide better supplement solution.

Innovative Research


Experience Medical Technology Innovation

Through 25 years science-based research, Enpress insists in on exploring the biotechnical field and conducting numerous researches in medical centers worldwide. It is our commitment to provide the best solution to human nutrition supplements.


Medical Technology Innovation Global exclusive research patent

Enpress understands the importance of health to our daily lives. Therefore, every effort we invested in the researches and experiments was to develop this unique bioactive preservation technology – which was awarded by multiple patent certifications.


Quality Control The key to good health

Enpress insists on taking natural and environmental-friendly ingredient. From raw materials to finished products, it is inspected with the highest standard and passed SGS inspection.


International institution certified quality / Research published on leading international journals


HACCP Food certification standard


ISO International quality control system certification


Research published on British Journal of Nutrition


2 years publication on Journal of Alternative Medicine Research

With care worth the Best – Enpress Biotechnology